Steelcase 360 Brand Platform

As the global leader in the office furniture industry, Steelcase has always invested heavily in workplace research to uncover trends and gain insight into how people really work. For decades, their specialized research teams had been independently collecting and publishing a wealth of valuable resources, but much of it had accumulated in isolated departments. With no efficient way to share the research, our client realized that opportunities to act on what they learned was limited. They approached Conduit to create a vehicle where they could gather and disseminate their research, demonstrating thought leadership and driving continuous improvement throughout the company.

To represent the full scope of Steelcase research, brands, and product lines, Conduit developed the 360 platform. We chose a numeric logo and degree symbol that would easily translate outside of North America, uniting all Steelcase research under one distinct brand. Today the 360 platform has been extended to Steelcase’s flagship magazine, iPad app, website, case studies, white papers, and research journals.

Steelcase 360 Platform
Steelcase 360 Platform - Logo
Steelcase 360 Platform - Brand Standards
Steelcase 360 Platform - Booklets
Steelcase 360 Platform - Magazine Rack
Steelcase 360 Platform - Magazine Sample Spread

Showroom photography: © Steelcase
Issue 70 – Think Better: Art Direction Plural