Sloppy Mama’s

Sloppy Mama’s approached Conduit as they were starting up their Southern-style Barbecue food truck in Washington, D.C. In addition to needing a brand that would stand out among the crowded competition, they needed a convenient way to keep customers informed and engaged.

We created a brand platform that mixed hand-drawn and industrial elements, embracing the tradition of their craft. The brand is uniquely tailored to their location; using elements of the D.C flag, and a tongue-in-cheek twist on the district motto.

We approached the mobile-first website with the goal of being user-friendly both to customers and to our client. Users can view the current menu and location of the truck at any time, and we provided Sloppy Mama’s with a method of updating content that is easy to do on the go.

Sloppy Mama's Branding - Logo
Sloppy Mama's Branding - Business Cards
Sloppy Mama's Branding - Food Truck
Sloppy Mama's Branding - Icons
Sloppy Mama's Branding - T-Shirt
Sloppy Mama's Branding - Food
Sloppy Mama's Branding - T-Shirt Detail
Sloppy Mama's Branding - Responsive Website