Joseph Jeup Branding

Luxury. It exudes from every piece of furniture designed and crafted by Joseph Jeup. So when Jeup came to Conduit for a business system redesign, we wanted to make sure his brand, Jeup Furniture, conveyed the same style and elegance. We advised a complete redesign, beginning with a name that recognized his premier status as a designer: Joseph Jeup. We then strengthened the brand by art directing unique portrait-style photography, designing a full identity system, binder, and cut sheets, and creating Jeup’s first-ever lookbook. This approach elevated our client’s image to match their products and gave them a valuable set of tools to connect with their visually driven audience.

Joseph Jeup Branding - Logo
Joseph Jeup Branding - Lookbook
Joseph Jeup Branding - Binder Detail
Joseph Jeup Branding - Binder
Joseph Jeup Branding - Business System

Photography: Mitch Ranger