A.K.A. Branding - CONDUIT

A.K.A. Branding

Fashion is constantly evolving, and luxury men’s retailer A.K. Rikk’s wanted to stay on the leading edge. After over a decade of working together, they asked Conduit to help them launch a new store focused on men’s and women’s denim. We created the A.K.A. brand to set the new offerings apart, defining a separate destination that felt related, but distinct from, their original store. We were involved in all aspects on the new store; naming, designing the brand and collateral, art directing photography, and consulting on interior design and merchandising. Our reusable felt shopping bag even began showing up at local high schools, becoming a status symbol that attracted an affluent young market and drove new traffic to the store.

A.K.A. Branding - Logo
A.K.A. Branding - Price Tag
A.K.A. Branding - Shopping Bag Detail
A.K.A. Branding - Poster
A.K.A. Branding - Shopping Bag
Photography: Mitch Ranger